Academic Catalog

Work/Life Experience Credit

Benedictine University recognizes students may have learned competencies or college-level learning through experiences outside of a classroom through professional work experience, military experience or certificate-based training or programs. Consideration for work/life experience credit should align with a course in Benedictine University’s catalog and be attained with the same degree of competence in a subject area (grade of “B” or higher). Work/Life credit can be awarded through prior learning by graduate programs designating this option and criteria for consideration in the academic program section of the catalog. Students may receive credit for prior learning through exams, portfolios, credentials, or from national credit recommendation organizations. Programs such as professional development, industry-based training, non-degree certificate programs at another institution may be reviewed by the department faculty to determine learning outcomes and potential course credit awards. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolios, approved Training Experiences, and Certificate-Based Learning Opportunities are examples of accepted work/life experience credit. Work/Life Experience Credit must be submitted on a Petition for External Credit Form with the approval from the department and advisor to the Office of the Registrar and is subject to credit limitations.