Academic Catalog


Communication Skills

Excellence in oral and written communication skills is characteristic of effective professional leaders. As a consequence, graduate courses require students to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in communication skills and encourage the development of these skills throughout the program.

It is generally assumed that students admitted to a degree program have developed basic communication skills through undergraduate study and/or experience. Students who are found to be deficient in these skills may be required to take additional coursework or self-study in order to continue in the program. Students who are having difficulty should consult with their advisors.

Mathematical Skills

Many programs require statistics and other courses that rely on a basic knowledge of college algebra. Students who are deficient in these areas may be encouraged or required to do additional coursework to resolve the deficiency prior to admission to the program. Students should consult the department chair for further information.


Course prerequisites are listed in the catalog to assist students in planning their courses in the optimal sequence. Each required course in the program has a significant content and role well beyond preparation for other coursework. As a result, completion of a course out of sequence does not eliminate the need for its prerequisites. Students should consult their advisors before registering for courses out of sequence and will require department permission to override a prerequisite.