Academic Catalog

Graduation Requirements

Refer to the Academic Programs section of this catalog for individual graduation requirements.

To fulfill the academic residency requirement a student must complete a minimum of 24 semester credit hours (32 quarter credit hours in the quarter-based programs) of coursework at Benedictine University at the 5000 level or above. For students in dual degree programs, the residency requirement is 48 semester credit hours (64 quarter credit hours). For students in partnership programs with external institutions, the Benedictine residency requirement is 50 percent of the total credit hours.

All coursework with a grade below "C" must be repeated for the course to apply toward graduation and/or certificate requirements. Courses designated as foundation courses as identified in the catalog require a grade of a "B" or higher to apply toward graduation/certificate requirements. Under no circumstances is it possible for a student to have these requirements waived for graduation. Any appeal requests to waive the minimum GPA, minimum credit, or minimum residency requirements cannot be considered. A student must apply for graduation by the deadlines to be considered for graduation.

The final responsibility for satisfying University degree requirements rests with the student. The academic year of this catalog is Fall 2023 through Summer 2024. Academic requirements are based on student’s effective catalog for term of admission to degree program.  

Graduation Honors

Benedictine University does not grant degree honors at the master’s or doctoral degree level.