Academic Catalog

Health Science (HLSC)

HLSC 2291 Medical Terminology. (Formerly 291) Introduction of medical terms for each body system and speciality medical fields. Includes word roots, prefixes and suffixes commonly encountered in the health care field. 2 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Fall Term) 
HLSC 3301 Health Profession Practicum. (Formerly 301) The Practicum provides 100 hours of observation for the specific Healthcare career. The observation is in a variety of clinical sites and/or private practice offices. Prerequisite: Instructor Consent, 3.400 GPA, 30 hours completed at Benedictine University. 2 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Designation: Engaged Learning 
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms)