Academic Catalog

Linguistics (LING)

LING 2206 Global Englishes. (Formerly 3306) The course examines the uses of English in a variety of global and local contexts (colonialism and its legacy, English-medium education around the world, and English as a lingua franca in business, science, social media, and popular culture). Drawing on perspectives from linguistics, sociolinguistics, and English language teaching, it explores the complexities surrounding the spread, teaching and learning, and uses of English around the world, as well as the relationships between language, culture, and power. It also addresses research that problematizes the notions of “native speaker” and “mother tongue” and explores their changing meaning in an increasingly globalized world, as well as the phenomena of bilingualism and multilingualism in different contexts. 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Designation: Individuals, Organizations, and Societies (QIO); Global 
Campus: LISLE 
LING 3301 Introduction to Linguistics. Provides an overview of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and discourse analysis, as well as an introduction to the history of linguistics, and psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic theory. The course also addresses research in linguistics as it relates to educational theory and practice, specific to teaching and learning of English as a second language. 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Fall Term, Even Years) 
LING 3302 Second Language Acquisition. (Formerly 302/502) Provides an introduction to second language learning and acquisition theories that can be applied in various language learning contexts, including ESL, EFL, and bilingualism. Explores the relationship between language development and the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of children, and issues in second language learning in adults. 4 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Fall Term) 
LING 3303 Methods and Materials. (Formerly 303) Provides an overview of the historical development of language learning materials and methodology. Explores a range of current methods and materials which can facilitate second language learning for general or specific purposes, at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, and in different contexts.  3 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE 
LING 3304 Assessment of ESL and Bilingual Students. (Formerly 304) Provides a general background in language and academic content assessment issues, opportunities to examine assessment instruments, and practical experience developing and using formal and informal assessment measures.  Students critically select and analyze evaluation tools and techniques for measuring ESL students’ performance in academic settings. Addresses the relationship between TESOL and state-mandated standards and methods for assessing English Language Learners (ELLs). 3 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE 
LING 4307 Modern English. Systematic, rigorous survey of the structure and functions of contemporary English language. Examines use of English grammar (including vocabulary) in different registers of contemporary speech and writing including conversation, fiction, news reporting and academic writing. Introduces contemporary linguistic theories on the nature of language and different approaches to teaching grammar; topics include first and second language acquisition, differences between spoken and written English, effects of language change on English grammar and usage, Standard English and effect of cultural attitudes on ideas of "correctness." 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Fall Term, Odd Years)