Academic Catalog

Business (BUSN)

BUSN 1000 Business and Professional Responsibility. Introduces business students to the world of business and their professional responsibility. Students study all business functions necessary to run a contemporary business and examine their contributions and interconnections in both a domestic and global context. Students explore critical thinking and their professionally responsibility to make ethically-based decisions and their importance for long-lasting career development. Requirements for student success (time-management skills, study skills, professional expectations, communication) are presented. This course also introduces students to the career management services offered by Benedictine’s Center for Career and Professional Development and links specific business majors to various career paths. 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Fall and Spring Terms)
MESA (Typically Offered: Fall and Spring Terms)
BUSN 1101 Introduction to Management. (Formerly 101) This course is an introductory course on basic management concepts, principles and practices. It will integrate contemporary management issues to traditional management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Key to this course will be application of management knowledge at workplace and everyday situations. 2 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Periodically) 
BUSN 1102 Introduction to Marketing. (Formerly 102) An introduction to the principles, concepts, strategy and tactics of marketing. This course provides an overview of marketing, the art of building relationships between products and services and unique consumers, businesses and markets. This class will serve as a training ground for evaluating marketing, creating and executing ideas, and grappling with the current trends in China, ethics and controversies in marketing worldwide. 2 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Periodically)