Academic Catalog

General Admission Information

Tuition/Housing Deposits

To complete the admissions process, incoming freshmen are required to submit a $100 tuition deposit. Transfer students who will be residents are required to submit a $125 room deposit. Residential housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Incoming freshman students are required to submit their deposit before registration. All deposits should be submitted to:

Enrollment, Benedictine University – Gillett Hall
225 East Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201


Former Benedictine University students, who have not been enrolled as degree-seeking students for at least three semesters including Summer, may apply for re-admission. An application must be submitted and will be reviewed for an admissions decision. Applicants who experienced academic problems should be prepared to demonstrate to the Academic Admissions Committee sufficient reasons for reconsideration. A student’s previous scholarship eligibility will be re-evaluated under the current transfer scholarship rules. If a student’s enrollment has been terminated for poor scholarship, such a student may be readmitted after a minimum of two academic semesters, provided evidence is presented which, in the judgment of the University, indicates that there is improved potential for academic success. All college courses for which the student registered in his/her absence from Benedictine University must be presented in the form of official transcripts. For re-admission under amnesty, see the Academic Policies section. Students will be re-admitted under the current catalog requirements. Students that are close to graduation under their original catalog requirements may discuss options with their admissions counselor for appeal of their catalog year.

General Admissions Policy

Benedictine University reserves the right to deny admission, continued enrollment or re-enrollment  to any applicant or student whose personal history and  background  indicate that  his or  her  presence at the University would endanger the health, safety, welfare or property of the members of the academic community or interfere with the orderly and effective performance of the University’s functions. Some programs have special admissions standards. If you are considering a particular program, you need to determine the admissions standards for that program by reviewing the descriptions contained later in the Catalog under Academic Programs or by contacting the faculty member responsible for the program. Failure to provide Benedictine University with a correct and complete academic history will result in revoking of acceptance and/or administrative withdrawal.