Academic Catalog

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are incurred at the time of registration. Tuition is due in full within seven calendar days after the first class meeting. Benedictine University offers interest-free monthly payment plans through MyBenU for those students seeking arrangements to balance their tuition payments over an extended period of time.

A "Statement of Account" is generated and available on MyBenU once each month. This statement reflects only that activity which has taken place on your student account in the last billing cycle (similar to your checking/savings/credit card statements of account). Please note that payments are expected by the due date regardless of whether a statement is received.

Students are responsible for securing required textbooks and other educational resources prior to the start of each course.

Benedictine University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, courses, and sequencing of courses without notice. Please note that fees are nonrefundable.

All tuition remission students and consortium students must pay applicable fees such as student service, graduation, certificate, course, and lab fees. All fees are subject to change without further notice.

Some programs may qualify for partnership tuition eligibility if on-site. Academic partnership approval is required and dual discounts cannot be applied.

Payment Options

Payments made by personal check, business check, or online by ACH will be subject to a 3-business day hold to allow for clearance of funds. This hold will not be lifted until 3 business days have passed, regardless of your scheduled registration date. Any holds on your account must be satisfied before registration for the upcoming term will be allowed.

If you have questions regarding an outstanding balance or a financial hold on your account, please contact the Business Office at (630) 829-6503.

Tuition and fees are incurred at the time of registration. For ALL programs, payment of tuition, fees and housing charges is due seven (7) calendar days after the first day of class unless the balance is covered by financial aid or set up on a payment plan through MyBenU (see below).

  1. Payment in Full
    ACH/eCheck and credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) can be made online at MyBenU. All credit and debit card transactions are assessed a non-refundable convenience fee. Payments can be made in-person with cash or check at the Business Office. Check and money order payments can be mailed to the University.
  2. Monthly Payment Plans
    Benedictine University provides interest-free monthly payment plans through MyBenU (administered by TouchNet). Students may set-up plans to manage their out-of-pocket tuition costs annually or per term, depending on their program. Students may enroll online through MyBenU or make a parent/guardian an authorized user to set up a payment plan.
    Please note that you will continue to receive monthly account billing statements from Benedictine University while enrolled in a payment plan until your student account balance is paid in full.
    1. Annual budgets (fall and spring combined tuition) traditional semester students only – For a fee of $40, students can make monthly payments toward their full-year’s tuition balance (June–May). Students must contact the Business Office to enroll in this plan. Enrollment is open until June 30th. The Business Office will determine your annual budget. Please note that your budget may be adjusted throughout the year based on enrollment, fees, financial aid, etc. Tuition for the spring semester must be paid in full with the May 1 payment.
    2. Single term budgets (semester, all campuses) – For a fee of $25, students can make monthly payments toward their tuition balance for a single term. The payment plan for fall begins August 1 and begins January 1 for spring. Balances must be paid in full prior to the next quarter/semester registration or start date.
  3. Employer Tuition Reimbursement
    For a $25 fee per session, students can enroll in a single tuition payment due at the end of the term/session (plus approximately a month grace period). Documentation of your approval in your employer's tuition assistance plan must be submitted to the Business Office of Benedictine University prior to enrolling in this plan. An updated copy of your eligibility must be submitted annually. Students may fax this documentation to the Business Office at (630) 829-6348 or email it to After submitting the documentation, you will receive notification from the Business Office that you are eligible to enroll in the payment plan. Please note that tuition is due in full according to the deferred due date regardless of when individual employers reimburse their employees.
  4. Third Party Payment Authorization/Direct Company Billing
    The Business Office will bill a third party (an organization, business, or agency) for any and all charges on a student’s account, if a valid authorization from the third party sponsor is received on or before the beginning of the course/term. Benedictine University will send an invoice to the third party after the add/drop period. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and is not contingent upon the student successfully completing the course. All authorized and non-authorized charges not paid for by the third party will be the responsibility of the student.

Upon the student’s written request, from their BenU email account, the Business Office can prepare an itemized receipt for the student’s completed (and paid) courses that may be provided to an employer for reimbursement.

Failure to meet options by payment deadline will result in a late payment fee of $100 and a financial hold placed on the student’s account.