Academic Catalog


Refunds are issued to students when excess funds exist on their accounts after crediting Title IV funds. Refunds for student loans and other Title IV funds are processed 10 days after funds are posted to the student’s account. Parent PLUS loans are refunded to the borrower (parent) or student based on the selection the borrower makes during the PLUS loan application process. A parent who is due a refund will receive a mailed check. To request a refund of another type of overpayment on your account, you must complete a refund request form and send it to the Business Office. The refund request form can be found online at

When a student receives their refund depends on the refund preference they have selected using BankMobile Disbursements. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link: You can set up your refund preference by logging into MyBenU, clicking the Student Financial Account tile, and clicking on BankMobile Refund Selection. If you receive a refund as the result of an excess of Title IV funds, and the check remains uncashed after 180 days, the funds will be returned to the Department of Education by the Office of Financial Aid.

All drops or withdrawals are dated as of the date in which they were submitted to the Office of the Registrar or processed on MyBenU. The tuition refund policies can be found here. The summer terms have a separate tuition refund policy. Whether or not you attend classes, the period of attendance will be computed as the number of days from the scheduled date of opening class in each term to the date shown on the drop or withdrawal record. See the “Financial Aid” section for information regarding the use of financial aid in the case of a withdrawal.

The boarding fee is pro-rated from the date of confirmation of registration to the day of withdrawal. Students who withdraw from campus housing within 30 days of the beginning of the academic term will be charged for room and board fees on a pro-rated basis. No refunds are given after 30 days of the term have expired.

Students who are expelled or suspended from the University during the course of an academic term will not be allowed any financial credit on tuition charges. Similarly, resident students who are expelled or suspended from campus housing and from the accompanying food service plan, either permanently or for a temporary period during the course of an academic term, will not be allowed any financial credit on room and board charges.

Courses requiring professional liability insurance require the purchase of such insurance from off-campus agencies demanding pre-payment in full; therefore, no refund can be made for the professional liability insurance charge. For such programs as the Federal Student Loan and the state Monetary Awards Program, a cash refund of credit balances will not be made until funds are received from the agency in question and the required procedures are completed.