Academic Catalog


A student-at-large (SAL) is either a full- or part-time student who does not have degree status and is ineligible for any financial assistance. The SAL is taking courses for his or her own enrichment and is not working toward a degree. Interested persons may contact the Advising Center. All academic policies and institutional regulations apply to the SAL, except that the student is not identified with any class year. The SAL may later request admission to degree status through the formal admissions process. Admission and acceptance of credits completed is subject to the discretionary approval of the University.

Regardless of status, all courses taken for credit will become part of the student’s official record at Benedictine University. The graduation requirements a former SAL student must meet are those designated in the catalog in effect during the term of admission to degree status, which may be different from those in effect during the SAL period. SAL status is not available to students denied regular admission to Benedictine, those who have recently been dropped by the University for poor scholarship, or those who have been dismissed from the last institution of attendance within the previous 12 months.