Academic Catalog


The purpose of the following academic requirements, regulations and policies of Benedictine University is twofold:

  1. To establish and secure an academic standard for all students that determines the value and quality of academic degrees for all graduates.
  2. To protect both the student’s and the University’s interests by ensuring maximum accuracy in all academic records.

Advisors are provided to assist in planning students’ academic programs. They are not authorized to change established policy of the University. The final responsibility for satisfying University and major requirements rests with the student. The academic year of this catalog is Fall 2023 through Summer 2024.  

The policy information contained in this catalog is from the 2023-2024 Lisle Undergraduate Catalog and is effective as of August 1, 2023 until revised by Benedictine University. Academic requirements are based on student’s effective catalog for term of admission to degree program.  Benedictine University has made every reasonable effort to determine that all information in this catalog is accurate as of August 1, 2023.