Academic Catalog

Council of West Suburban Colleges Consortium (CWSC) Cross-Registration Program

Through this program, degree-seeking students at each of the member schools (Benedictine University, Aurora University, and North Central College) have access to a broad selection of academic offerings and scheduling options. Contact the Office of the Registrar for eligibility information and special registration forms. The program allows students to take courses for degree completion in sequence if the course is not offered at the home institution.

Courses taken at other schools in this consortium (North Central College and Aurora University) may be applied to Benedictine University programs without violating the Benedictine University residency requirement. Cross-registration is permitted with permission of the other school and in accordance with terms of an agreement among all member schools. Prior approval from the student’s advisor and the Office of the Registrar is required on the Consortium Exchange Course Authorization form before registering at one of the other institutions. Cross-registration is available during the regular academic year (fall and spring terms). Tuition is paid to the home school and grades are recorded at the home school without the necessity of requesting a transcript. Students must be registered concurrently for at least one course at the home institution and this agreement only applies to degree students who are matriculants for a bachelor’s degree.