Academic Catalog

Dual Credit Policy

The Benedictine University Dual Credit Program allows junior and senior students at partnering high schools the ability to earn credit for college-level courses prior to high school graduation. Students enrolled in approved dual credit courses will receive Benedictine University credit while at the same time fulfilling high school requirements. Credit earned for courses taken through the Benedictine University Dual Credit Program are recorded on an official Benedictine transcript and are transferrable to many accredited colleges and universities. The receiving transfer institution will always make the final decision on the transferability of courses. Please refer to the following link for more information on the Dual Credit Program.

Dual Credit Acceptance Policy

Benedictine University will articulate, with limitations, coursework completed in a dual credit or dual enrollment program while enrolled in high school if the course is transcribed as college level on a regionally accredited college or university transcript and meets the criteria set by the Transfer Credit Policy. Coursework with a potential to count toward basic skills or major requirements is subject to review by the appropriate department chair/program director and may not fulfill degree requirements. Accepted dual coursework is not included in the cumulative GPA earned at Benedictine University.