Academic Catalog

Associate of Arts Degree

Students may no longer be admitted to this Degree Program.

  1. Liberal arts core requirements:
    1. Skills requirements:
      Unless a student can demonstrate proficiency, the student must complete 12 semester credit hours in Basic Skills. A student must receive a “C” or better in each of these courses to meet this requirement. The Basic Skills courses and the ordinary methods of demonstrating proficiency are as follows:
      Writing Colloquium
      WRIT 1101Writing Colloquium3
      WRIT 1102Research Writing3
      or HNRS 1190
      HNRS 1191
      First-Year Colloquium I
      and First-Year Colloquium II
      Speech Communication
      COMM 1110Speech Communication 13
      Quantitative Skills
      MATH 1104 (no longer offered) 23
      Total Hours12

      Proficiency: by HNRS 1191 First-Year Colloquium II or proficiency by examination.


      Proficiency by earning External credit in College Algebra; by demonstrating proficiency in MATH 1105 Finite Mathematics, MATH 1108 Quantitative Reasoning, or MATH 1110 College Algebra on the Math Proficiency Test; by passing MATH 1111 College Trigonometry, MATH 1115 Business Calculus, MATH 1131 The Mathematical Universe, MATH 1150 Introduction to Statistics (or BALT 1150 Business Statistics I, NRHL 2250 Statistics, or PSYC 2250 Basic and Applied Statistics), MATH 1170 Introduction to Calculus I, MATH 2229 Biostatistics or any 2000- or 3000-level math course.

    2. Cultural Heritage Series: 3 semester credit hours.
      HIST 2220 The Mediterranean World Studies the ancient cultures located around the Mediterranean Sea and the contributions they made to the development of western civilizations to about 500 A.D. Drawing upon the resources of the Catholic and Benedictine traditions, the course explores the theme of “person in community” as reflected in religion, art, philosophy, and social, political, and economic institutions.
    3. Core Electives:
      Arts and Humanities: 9 semester credit hours.
      At least three arts and humanities courses (from at least two different areas designated as Arts and Humanities Core electives in this catalog) including PHIL 2245 General Ethics.
      Natural Sciences: 6 semester credit hours.
      At least 3 semester credit hours must be taken in the Physical Sciences Core (as designated in this catalog) and at least 3 semester credit hours in the Life Sciences Core (as designated in this catalog).
      Social Sciences: 9 semester credit hours.
      At least three social sciences courses (from at least two different disciplines designated as Social Science Core electives in this catalog), including ECON 2002 Principles of Macroeconomics (with a grade of “C” or better) and PSYC 1100 Survey of Psychology.
  2. A student must earn 63 semester credit hours to qualify for graduation and must maintain a “C” average (2.000) in all Benedictine University coursework.
    • Courses with a number below 1000 do not count toward the 63 semester credit hours required for graduation.
    • University-level courses completed to fulfill a condition of admission count toward the 63 semester credit hour graduation requirement, but do not satisfy University Core requirements.
  3. At least 45 of the 63 semester credit hours for graduation must be completed at Benedictine University. The following courses must be completed at Benedictine University: MATH 1104 (no longer offered) unless proficiency is demonstrated by 1.a.iii. above, HIST 2220 The Mediterranean World, MGT 110 (no longer offered) and MGT 2220 (no longer offered). Once a student matriculates into the program, no additional transfer credit will be accepted. Courses completed at Benedictine prior to formal admission to degree status may not be used to fulfill this academic residency requirement. Such credit may fulfill other graduation requirements with the approval of the department chair/program director/associate dean and dean.
  4. A maximum of 15 semester credit hours earned through any one or combination of external credit programs may be applied with the approval of the University toward the 63 semester credit hours required for the associate degree. These credits will not be counted as part of the 45 semester credit hours of coursework at Benedictine University towards the academic residency requirement. Applications may be obtained in the Advising Center or the Office of the Registrar.
  5. A major field of study requires at least 27 semester credit hours, with at least 6 semester credit hours at the 2000 level or above. Only courses in which a student has received a “C” or better may be applied to the major requirement.
  6. Waivers of University or program requirements may be made for sound cause acceptable to the University when extenuating circumstances arise. Three graduation requirements which are never waived are the 63 semester credit hour minimum, the minimum GPA of 2.000, and the minimum 45 semester credit hour residency. The student begins a request for a waiver by discussing with his/her academic advisor. The number of additional approvals depends on the nature of the waiver.
  7. A student must earn the recommendation from the faculty member of his or her major program for graduation. Normally this recommendation is based upon fulfilling the program requirements, including a comprehensive examination or other integrating experience.
  8. One must be in good standing and have settled all financial accounts with the University to qualify for graduation.