Academic Catalog

Medical Humanities (MDHM)

MDHM 2200 Introduction to Medical Humanities. (Formerly 200) Provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary fields of study that characterize the discipline, as well as to the Benedictine major program. May be cross-listed with another class. Required for all Medical Humanities majors. Counts as Learning Community (LC). 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Designation: Learning Community 
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Spring Term) 
MDHM 4399 Medical Humanities. (Formerly 399) Group or independent research and coursework to culminate in a senior project with a hands-on experiential or service component. Required for all Medical Humanities minors. Requires upper-level Medical Humanities minors to work with and mentor students in MDHM 2200. 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Designation: Writing Intensive; Engaged Learning 
Campus: LISLE (Typically Offered: Periodically)