Academic Catalog

Humanities (HUMN)

HUMN 1100 Critical Reasoning. (Formerly 100) Discussion sessions on gaining critical understanding of readings in the first-year seminar. Integrates critical thinking and study strategies in a meaningful context. Emphasis on: analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating terminology, concepts and arguments. 1 semester credit hour/s. Department Consent Required.  
Campus: LISLE 
HUMN 2210 Cultural Heritage Seminar. This seminar course is designed around the great books and texts of the Benedictine, Judeo-Christian and Abrahamic tradition(s). It can provide humanities credit for transfer students only. Pre-requisite: Must be a transfer student. 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Campus: MESA 
HUMN 2250 The Contemporary World. (Formerly 250) Drawing upon the resources of the Catholic and Benedictine traditions, this course examines a variety of interpretations of the current world situation in light of the theme “person in community.” Have the notions of person and community changed, or are they being changed through current political, economic, cultural and technological challenges? Must have completed over 60 credit hours. 3 semester credit hour/s. 
Designation: - 
Campus: LISLE
HUMN 2291 Topics in Humanities. (Formerly 291) Special topics offered by visiting lecturers and/or practitioners in the arts and humanities. Content will vary depending on the topic and instructor. 1-3 semester credit hour/s. 
Campus: LISLE