Academic Catalog

Studio Art, Bachelor of Arts - Art Therapy Concentration

Requirements - Major

The Studio Art/Art Therapy Concentration major must complete the following courses with a “C” or better:

FNAR 1101Fundamentals of Design3
or FNAR 1105 Fundamentals of Design: Computer Application
FNAR 1103Three-Dimensional Design3
FNAR 2111Drawing I3
FNAR 2203Ancient and Medieval Art3
FNAR 2204Renaissance to Modern Art3
FNAR 2206Modern and Contemporary Art History3
FNAR 3210Figure Drawing3
FNAR 3211Drawing II3
FNAR 2250Oil Painting3
FNAR 2293Digital Photography3
or FNAR 2294 Computer Art
Select one of the following:3
Printmaking: Intaglio(Etching)
Printmaking: Relief
Printmaking: Silk-Screen
Printmaking: Lithography
FNAR 4350Senior Portfolio: Thesis Exhibition3
Total Hours36

Medium Discipline: Art Therapy Concentration 

Choose one discipline (6 credit hours) from four:

FNAR 3260Intermediate Painting3
FNAR 4305Advanced Painting3
FNAR 3244Intermediate Printmaking3
FNAR 4340Advanced Printmaking3
FNAR 2291Topics3
FNAR 4311Advanced Drawing3
FNAR 3330Ceramics II3
FNAR 4330Advanced Ceramics3

Art Therapy Courses

ARTH 2290Introduction to Art Therapy3
ARTH 3298Creative Process as Art Therapy3
ARTH 3300Art Therapy & Spirtuality3
ARTH 4398Art Therapy Internship & Seminar3
Total Hours12

Cognate Courses

PSYC 1100Survey of Psychology (satisfies QIO core)3
2000 level or higher Psychology course3
PSYC 3300Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 3302Psychotherapy3
Total Hours12

(For descriptions of Fine Art courses look under the Course Descriptions section of the catalog for Fine Arts.)