Academic Catalog

Environmental Studies, Minor

Requirements: Complete 15 semester credit hours, including 6 at the 3000 level or above, with a grade of “C” or better, with no more than 9 credit hours from any one college, from the following:

15 credit hours from the following: 15
Topics in Anthropology 1
People, Culture & Environment
The Ecology of a Changing Planet
Selected Topics 1
Environmental Science 2
ACCA Seminar 1 2
Ecology of Lakes and Streams 2
Plant-Animal Interactions 2
Selected Topics 1 2
Conservation Biology and Biodiversity 2
Paleobiology 2
Ecology 2
Ecology Laboratory 2
Nature Writing 2
Biology of Complex Systems 2
Topics 1 2
Topics 2
Geography and Cartography
Introduction to Global Studies
Catholic/Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Sustainability/Stewardship
Catholic/Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Sustainability/Stewardship and Global
Human Dignity/Common Good: Sustainability/Stewardship
Human Dignity/Common Good: Sustainability/Stewardship and Global
Environmental Literature
"Going Green" in the Business World
Business Sustainability Topics
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Introduction to International Relations
Model United Nations
Faith and Science

When dedicated to an environmental theme


Check catalogue for pre-requisites.