Academic Catalog

Environmental Studies, Emphasis

Students may not declare this emphasis after the Summer 2022 term. Refer to original catalog of entry for appropriate academic requirements.


Complete 12 semester credit hours, with a grade of “C” or better, from at least two different colleges from the following:

ANTH 2291Topics in Anthropology (when dedicated to an environmental theme)3
ANTH 3309People, Culture & Environment3
BIOL 1180The Ecology of a Changing Planet3
BIOL 1191Selected Topics (when dedicated to an environmental theme)1-3
BIOL 2205Environmental Science3
BIOL 2281ACCA Seminar (when dedicated to an environmental theme)1
BIOL 2290Marine and Island Ecology of the Bahamas4
BIOL 3300Ecology of Lakes and Streams3
BIOL 4322Paleobiology4
BIOL 5325Biology of Complex Systems3
BIOL 3330Plant-Animal Interactions4
BIOL 4363Ecology3
BIOL 4364Ecology Laboratory1
BIOL 3391Selected Topics (when dedicated to an environmental theme)1-4
BIOL 4394Nature Writing1
ECON 3291Topics (Environmental Economics)3
ECON 4391Topics (Environmental Economics)3
INTB 3291Topics (Environmental Economics)3
INTB 4391Topics (Environmental Economics)3
BIOL 2205Environmental Science3
ENVS 4398Capstone Project1-3
GEOG 1106Geography and Cartography (when dedicated to an environmental theme)3
GBLS 1101Introduction to Global Studies3
IDS 2202Catholic/Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Sustainability/Stewardship3
IDS 2204Catholic/Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Sustainability/Stewardship and Global3
IDS 3302Human Dignity/Common Good: Sustainability/Stewardship3
IDS 3304Human Dignity/Common Good: Sustainability/Stewardship and Global3
LITR 2241Environmental Literature3
MGT 1120"Going Green" in the Business World1
MGT 1125Business Sustainability Topics3
PHIL 2248Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 3348Environmental Ethics3
PLSC 2210Introduction to International Relations (when dedicated to an environmental theme)3
PLSC 2215Model United Nations (when dedicated to an environmental theme)3
SOCL 2240Social Problems (when dedicated to an environmental theme)3
SOCL 4350Social Theory3
THEO 2104Faith and Science (when dedicated to an environmental theme)3