Academic Catalog

Leaving Benedictine

Withdrawal from the University

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University during the semester begins by contacting the Advising Center. A student who plans to return within two full academic years should complete the leave of absence form. (See the Student Leave of Absence section.) A student who does not intend to return to Benedictine University must complete the withdrawal form. An exit interview is required as part of the withdrawal process.

If the student has not applied for a leave of absence and later decides to return, a re-admission application must be submitted through the Office of Admissions. The student may request their transfer evaluation record to be re-evaluated, and the student is responsible for completing all new graduation requirements according to the University Catalog in effect at the time of re-admission.

The amount of financial credit for withdrawal from all courses during the semester is determined by the student initiated drop/withdrawal dates in MyBenU after the completed form(s) is/are submitted. (See General Refund Information.)

Students receiving financial aid of any kind must also consult with the Business Office or the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Leave of Absence

Any full- or part-time traditional student in satisfactory academic standing who must interrupt a degree program may apply to the Advising Center for a leave of absence up to two full academic years or four consecutive semesters (not including summer terms). The student’s files will remain active under their current catalog requirements both in the Office of the Registrar and with the academic advisor for the period of time requested. At the end of the leave of absence period, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar and/or academic advisor, student success coordinator, or program coordinator of his or her intention to register. (Application through the Office of Admissions is not required.) The student on leave may take advantage of early registration along with regularly enrolled students. A student on leave does not qualify for special monetary loans or grants or other special arrangements which presuppose the status of a regular student.

Student Deactivation Policy

Any matriculated undergraduate student who fails to register for classes for any three full consecutive terms, including summer term, without executing a Leave of Absence will have his/her Benedictine academic record converted to “inactive” status. When/if a deactivated student plans to return to the University and continue academic study, she or he must first contact the Office of Admissions in the Enrollment Center and apply for re-admission. Once readmitted, the student record will be placed back in an “active” status.