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Freshman Admission

Freshman Candidates

Freshman candidates are defined as individuals who have earned a high school diploma, completed a home schooling program, or earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate within six months of enrolling at Benedictine University.

Freshman Admission

Admission is based on a review of each student’s total academic and extracurricular record. It is necessary for some applicants to complete additional materials or come to the University for further assessment. Benedictine’s philosophy is to select students who will perform successfully in our academic programs and become active members of the University community. Requests for admission are considered without regard to the applicant’s race, religion, gender, age, national origin, or disability.

High School Academic Preparation

In conjunction with The Illinois State Board of Education, Benedictine University requires its students to complete the following high school curriculum. If a student enrolls at Benedictine University not having satisfied the requirements, the student will be required to do so while enrolled at the University. Courses with a number less than 1000 do not count toward the 120 semester credit hours required for graduation. University-level courses (1000 level or above) completed to fulfill a condition of admission will count toward the 120 semester credit hour graduation requirement, but do not satisfy the University Core requirements. NOTE: a unit, as identified below, is equivalent to one full year of study in a given subject area.

  1. Four units of English (emphasizing written and oral communication and literature).
  2. Three units of social studies (emphasizing history and government).
  3. Three units of mathematics (introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry or fundamentals of computer programming).
  4. Three units of science (laboratory science).
  5. Two units of modern language.

How To Apply to the Lisle Campus (Freshman Candidates)

Send all materials to:
Enrollment Center
Benedictine University
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532-0900

A personal interview with an admissions counselor is generally advisable and occasionally required. Official transcripts bearing the signature of the registrar and the institutional seal must be issued by mail or electronically from the institution to Benedictine’s Enrollment Center. Official transcripts bearing the signature of the registrar and the institutional seal, emailed directly from the High School Guidance Counselor or school transcript vendor, are also considered official.

Consideration for admission will take place when all the necessary information is received. Applications should be submitted as early as possible during the senior year of high school. Admission can be granted on the basis of six semesters of high school credit. Admission can be revoked if satisfactory completion of senior year coursework is not obtained and restrictions can also be added should academic portfolio change post admission and prior to course enrollment.

  1. Submit a completed application form.
    1. Apply or download an application online at
    2. Request a hard copy application by contacting us at (630) 829-6300, toll free outside Illinois (888) 829-6363 or email at
  2. Submit official high school transcript. Home school transcripts should include letter grades, length of courses and texts used.
  3. Submit official copy of ACT, SAT, TOEFL or IELTS test scores.
  4. Submit High School Guidance Recommendation form (available online) to be completed by high school guidance counselor (may be required for some candidates).
  5. Written personal statement (may be required of some candidates).

Lisle Campus Freshman Admission Requirements

We offer rolling admissions into all of our traditional undergraduate programs, meaning applications are accepted and admissions decisions are made throughout the year without deadline restrictions. We encourage traditional undergraduate students to apply within their first semester of their senior year of high school. The application review process takes approximately one week. Once your completed application has been received and reviewed, an admissions counselor will personally contact you by phone with your admission status. Prospective freshmen should accept the offer of admission and pay the tuition deposit no later than May 1 to secure their spot for the incoming freshman class.

Benedictine University requirements for Freshman Admission

  • 2.500/4.000 GPA
  • 21 ACT/1060 (Math and Critical Reasoning combined) score SAT

Personal Statement: If students do not meet the above minimum requirements, they are encouraged to submit a minimum one-page personal statement. The topic of this personal statement is “What are your academic strengths and how will they help you at Benedictine?” The personal statement is meant to be a reflection of past academic coursework as well as your writing ability. It is necessary that you provide all relevant information about your academic performance and high school experience.

Academic Admissions Committee: The Academic Admissions Committee meets regularly to review applications for prospective students who do not meet the minimum admissions requirements. The Academic Admissions Committee looks for well-rounded students who will be successful and contribute to the Benedictine University community. If you have any specific questions about admissions requirements, your personal statement or the Academic Admissions Committee, please contact your admissions counselor.

Certain programs may have additional enrollment criteria which can be found under Academic Programs.