Academic Catalog

Pre-Engineering Transfer Program

In this program, students transfer to an engineering school (University of Detroit, University of Illinois, Marquette University, University of Notre Dame, etc.) at the end of the sophomore year and earn a degree from the engineering school after two additional years of work.

Students are normally required to successfully complete 60 semester credit hours of coursework before an engineering school will allow them to transfer into one of its programs. For most engineering programs, these 60 semester credit hours would include the following courses:

PHYS 2205University Physics I Laboratory1
PHYS 2206University Physics II Laboratory1
PHYS 2207University Physics III Laboratory1
PHYS 2211University Physics I3
PHYS 2212University Physics II3
PHYS 2213University Physics III3
PHYS 3214Modern Physics3
MATH 2210Calculus I4
or MATH 1170
MATH 2200
Introduction to Calculus I
and Applications of Calculus I
MATH 2211Calculus II4
MATH 2212Calculus III4
MATH 2260Differential Equations4
CHEM 1127Honors General Chemistry4
or CHEM 1113
CHEM 1123
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II
CHEM 1114General Chemistry I Laboratory1
or CHEM 1115 Honors General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 1124General Chemistry II Laboratory1
or CHEM 1125 Honors General Chemistry II Laboratory
ENGR 1100Introduction to the Engineering Profession1
ENGR 1120Engineering Graphics2
ENGR 2220Statics3
ENGR 3221Dynamics3
ENGR 3264Electronics3
CMSC 2200Computer Programming3
WRIT 1102Research Writing3
Social Science electives6
Total Hours61