Academic Catalog

Arabic and Islamic World Studies, Minor

Requirements - Minor

The requirements for the minor in Arabic and Islamic World Studies include successful completion with a grade of “C” or better 17 credit hours of courses, of which 6 credit hours must be program-approved courses at the 3000-level. The 17 credit hours must include:

Select two of the following: 18
Elementary Arabic I
and Elementary Arabic I Lab
Elementary Arabic II
and Elementary Arabic II Lab
Intermediate Arabic I
and Intermediate Arab I Lab
Intermediate Arabic II
and Intermediate Arabic II Lab
Intermediate Grammar and Composition
and Intermediate Grammar and Composition Lab
Program-Approved Literature or Literature and Culture Course
Select 3 credit hours of the following program-approved literature or literature and culture course:3
Literature Course:
Themes in Arabic Literature (In Arabic)
Survey of Arabic Literature (In Arabic)
Female Figures in the Qur'an
Culture and Tradition in the Arab Countries
Arab Political Life Through Literature and Film
Islamic Literature
Literature and Culture Course:
Introduction to Study Abroad (Study Abroad program, Fez Morocco)
Advanced Topics in Arabic Culture
History Course
Select one of the following:3
Classical Islamic Civilization, 1000-1700 
Empires and Cultures of Islamic World
Modern Middle East
Modern Middle East
Early Middle East 300-1100
Early Middle East 300-1100
Program-Approved Elective
Select one of the following: 23
Catholic/Benedictine Traditions (History of Christian-Muslim Relations)
Catholic/Benedictine Traditions (Shared Stories in the Qur'an and Bible)
Catholic/Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Global (Strange and Normal)
Genocide: The Politics of Hate, Fear, Terror and Power
Genocide: The Politics of Hate, Fear, Terror and Power
Revolutions and Political Violence
Revolutions and Political Violence
Nationalism and Terrorism
History of Political Thought: 17th Century to the Present
Democracy & Democratization
Democracy & Democratization
Abrahamic Traditions
Eastern Christianity
Interreligious Dialogue
Total Hours17

8 credit hours (two courses and two labs) of program-approved courses in Arabic language Minors must take two Arabic language courses taken at Benedictine University.


Can also be chosen from any of the above courses in Arabic, Literature, Literature and Culture, or History that have not already been completed as part of the minor

For further information or for placement testing in Arabic, please contact the Department of Languages and Literature, Dr. Zubair S. Amir at (630) 829-6274.